Celebrity Rights

It is undisputed that Bogart liked his Burberry trenchcoat. No, wait, I take that back. He loved his Burberry trenchcoat. In fact, he loved it so much that he actually wore the same coat in the two films that still serve as templates for how to bring hardboiled detective noir to the silver screen [...]

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Creative Commons

When Larry Lessig came up with the idea for the Creative Commons, he intended to create an alternative licensing system that would solve copyright registration problems in the United States. While admirable, the idea in many respects serves to enshrine the current copyright regime as a monarchy and forces us to accommodate that system. [...]

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Copyright Fallacies

On a sunny Thursday afternoon my cohorts prodded me out of a haze of pre-trial preparation and induced me to slay some urban legends about copyright. Though most of this information is available elsewhere, this is a simple primer for anyone who wants to learn the basics of copyright. (1)  No copyright notice ≠ no [...]

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